Client Retention Specialists

Client Retention extends beyond simply locating missing or unresponsive clients. It revolves around creating a sense of trust and loyalty, where clients genuinely feel a connection with your law firm. Building this trust is not a random occurrence; it is a learned skill. There are 8 personality profiles. These Profiles can be categorized in 4 basic groups. Identifying your clients quickly enables you to communicate with them on their level.

A Dominant/Driver Personality

This is a loud, often brash, intimidating, competitive type who needs to take control. Well dressed and not a hair out of place. Commands respect. Talks fast and in an authoritative manner. Cuts to the chase. Typically, a Corporate President, Chairman of the Board, Coach, Trainer, Spokesperson or Office Manager.

An Ego/Expressive Personality

This is more flashy, eccentric, center of attention type , likes to flirt, talks a lot, and confidant on all matters. Storyteller so they may ramble on in conversation. Typically, a VP Marketing, GM, Sales Manager, PR Manager, Office Manager, Musician, Model or Artist.

A Complacent/Amiable Personality

This type could care less what others think about them. Uncombed hair, wears a cheap watch, laid back, super friendly and easy going. This person likes small talk about the weather or current events. Typically, a Customer Service Rep, Shop Foreman, Coordinator, Greeter.

A Stable/Analytical Personality

This type may come across as shy, shows little emotion, doesn’t like change, likes to collect memorabilia, stamps or coins. Avid reader. This person does not usually engage in small talk, speaks concisely in a matter-of-fact tone and manner. Typically, a Comptroller, Postal worker, Treasurer, Accountant, Lawyer, Programmer or Analyst.

Once you recognize who your client is, you can adjust your own approach if your personality profile is different than theirs. By doing so, your client will subconsciously feel that you understand their needs. They will walk away feeling like they trust and like you. They may not know why, but they do. With Personality Profiles, there is no right or wrong, good or bad.  It’s just how people are wired. Having an understanding of this and working it will help create a loyal client that will stay with you throughout the entire litigation process.

People like to do business with people they like and trust.